Mountain Biking (MTB)

A mountain bike is a bike of a special design, designed for riding on rough terrain, off-road (although it does not exclude the opposite). This broad concept also combines the names of several sports disciplines. Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly and Tom Ritchie from Marin County in Northern California are the very people who were at the forefront of mountain biking. Namely them in the 1970s were engaged in the rework of the Schwinn Excelsior road bike, installing the “blown” wheels and speed switches on it. Later, their garage workshop grew into a successful business producing a wide variety of bicycles, with many followers around the world. Mountain biking is currently an Olympic sport (first appeared at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996) and is expanding its borders outside Europe. It represents overcoming mountain bumps and descents on a bicycle. In the Republic of Moldova, mountain biking is represented by MTB.md club. Every year a number of mountain bike championships are held in our country.