Igor Shorin

Igor Shorin was born on April 12, 1991 in Chisinau, Moldova. From the age of 10, was engaged in cycling, in the following years became a member of the Moldova national team and represented it at many international competitions, such as the World Cups, the European Cycle Track Championship in Minsk, the Race – 5 Rings of Moscow, etc.

About President

Social activity

President of Moldavian Cycling Federation since 2018. Co-founder and president of the SportsLeader sports organization, which promotes the development of children and youth sports.

Professional activity

General director of Professional Marketing SRL company.


International College of Management and Business
Faculty: Tourism and Hotel Industry
September 2007 – June 2011.

Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (Kiev)
Faculty: Management (economics and business administration)
September 2011 – January 2014.

State University of Physical Education and Sport of Moldova USEFS
Faculty: Sports coach
September 2011 – June 2016.

Master’s degree
Sports management USEFS
2016 – 2018

“Konstantin Stere” University of European Political and Economic Studies USPEE
Faculty of International Relations and Political Sciences
Specialty: International Economic Relations.
Status: in the process of study.